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From meet and greet at the airport we accompany you directly to your hotel and get you checked in. Your camp schedule is already pre planned and venues booked. We can offer, Fully equipped gym, 4G, Natural grass, 50m pool, CrossFit, Indoor Spin bikes, crash mat arena, Athletic track and stadium, local beach access.

24/7 event management team and a full compliment of rugby specific equipment.

Extra Ice, Fruit and water on training days.

Your hotel has a pool, conference rooms and wifi access.

Rugby Training Camp Spain

Nelson Mandela Rugby Stadium Torrevieja
CrossFit Torrevieja Studio
Sports Camp Spain Rugby Equipment

Beaches are next to your hotel and access unlimited

Sports Camp Spain Indoor Crash Mat Arena
50m Olympic Pool Torrevieja Spain
Torrevieja Sports City Gymnasium
Spots Camp Spain Beach Rugby Venue
Sport Cap Spain Partners Costa Azul for transfers and shuttles
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