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Book your sports training camp in Spain today 

Sports Camp Spain in association with Torrevieja Sports City

The Torrevieja Sports City has been designed and created as a place for sportspeople to enjoy.


Besides its high quality facilities, it has a marvellous climate throughout the entire year and a friendly tourist city with multiple services, in which unique and unforgettable experiences may be enjoyed. 

Our commitment; is to put at your disposal a perfect venue for professional sports training and preparation, including the support of the Sports Council. Our goal is to help you become successful, therefore, we will do all within our possibilities to assist you.

Torrevieja has an elite sports offer available. Its facilities have been conceived based upon solid experience and various studies, thus generating a state-of-the-art infrastructure.

The Torrevieja Sports City offers an extensive range of possibilities, with the option of practising the vast majority of sports disciplines, providing likewise facilities that are completely adapted to the needs of handicapped people.

Due to the aforesaid, the same has become the perfect place for numerous sports groups, schools, clubs, associations, federations, etc., with a highly qualified sports offer that makes it possible to implement the highest level of training, thus directly affecting sports performance.

To top it off, the mild weather of the city, with an annual average temperature of 18 degrees centigrade and more than 3,000 sun hours per year, transform training into unique moments in which it is practically impossible not to enjoy the quality of life offered by Torrevieja.

Finally, the imposing tourist offer of the city can also be mentioned, which makes it possible to enjoy, as fundamental complement, leisure time with relatives, friends and other sportspeople.

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