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Why #elchesportscity is the ideal location for a training camp.

Your pre season or mid season training camp, no matter what #sport, logistically needs to be as smooth as possible from the moment you reach #Spain.

From the UK and most of Europe , Spain on average is approximately a 2 hour and 30 min flight.

On arrival at #Alicante airport your bus shuttle is only 15 mins direct to your hotel. Your hotel is only 100-200 yards from the Sports City and its facilities.

Elche Sports City boasts 2 x natural grass pitches, 3 x full size 3G pitches, 4 x 7-a-side pitches, 50m Olympic heated indoor #swimming pool, indoor #futsal #handball #basketball #volleyball arena, multiple outdoor basketball courts, 4 x #tennis courts, 3 x outdoor #beach #volleyball courts, 1 x outdoor swmming pool.

Within only 100 and 200 yards of the hotel Elche can offer 2 superbly equipped #gyms including over 40 #indoorspinning bikes.

In addition, but a slightly longer walk is Elche COMMANDO #crossfit arena and is available for groups numbering 30-40 wanting #strengthandconditioning programs implemented into their #trainingcamp.

Elche is ideal for any groups who want to concentrate solely on training and which is priority on th

e coaches list.

Not only are all the facilities available during your stay, we as a #sportstour company pride ourselves on value for money. Our aim is to give each and every group a "Professional" feel to each camp but at an affordable price.

Lets us plan your schedule and itinerary.

+44 {0}7931432331 UK

+34 619420005 Spain

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